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Today the review of the day will be on the Weslo Pursuit R 3.2, i saw this product on Amazon’s list of new cardio products and also ranking on Amazon’s best seller list too. Since this product is fairly new with limited information I decided to take it upon myself and  write a review on this inexpensive bike.  If you are interested please feel free to read the rest of the review below and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask or leave comments.

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Release Date/ Where to Buy

The exact release date of the Weslo Pursuit R 3.2 is not known, but it was release sometime within early 2013, which make this recumbent bike fairly new to the market.  The R 3.2 recumbent bike is not offered on Weslo’s manufacturing website, but I have found three other websites where you can buy this product. Walmart, Sears, and Amazon are the three external sites. Out of the those three, Amazon happens to offer the cheapest price as well as fast shipping.


The assembly of the R 3.2 recumbent bike is pretty simple and easy. The manual says that it requires for two people to put the bike together but many customers were able to do it with just one. The manual may suggest two people to put it together because an extra hand will help speed up the assembly process,and also someone might need to help hold the base of the frame together while the screws are put into the right place.  There are also some additional tools that you might need that are not included in the package and they are: Phillips screwdriver, adjustable wrench, pliers, and a rubber mallet, but if you have set of wrenches than will be fine too. Or you can hire someone to assemble the the Pursuit R for you but that might be an extra hundred dollars.

Who is It For?

This recumbent was created for those who want to get a workout in the convenience of their own home without having to go to a crowded gym. This bike was built for those who are on a tight budget who might not have the thousands to spend on commercial bike. This bike is very cheap and allows you to get an effective workout the same way as any of the really expensive bikes except for the fact that it does not have all the bells and whistles.


Since this bike is recumbent you can expect to find more support for your back. Weslo engineered this to be very comfortable, with an oversized seat that adjust vertically, so that the user would be able to workout longer without feeling the discomfort of pain.  The handlebars were also have ergonomic design to eliminates slippage while you are working out.

The Console

The LCD monitor of the Weslo Pursuit R 3.2 is very large and easy to read. The console is the heart of the bike because it allows to track  your progress. The monitor track and displays all of the following:

  • - Speed (pedaling speed in kilometers per hour)
  • -Time (elapsed time)
  • -Distance (distance that you have pedaled)
  • -Pulse (shows your heart-rate when you use the hand0grip heart rate monitor)
  • - Scan (allows you to view the time, distance, and calories at the same time)

Workout Programs

The R 3.2 allows for you to choose your own manual workout or you can choose from 8 workout apps that were created by certified trainers.   The 8 workout apps are quick pace workout that instruct you on how fast or slow to pedal to give you an effective workout. Each quick pace workout consist of several one-minute segments and each segments has it’s own segment seed. If ever your pedaling slower or faster than to intended target speed than an arrow will appear next to the RPM to alert you to slow up or pedal faster.

The Cons

Of course no bike is perfect and neither is the Weslo Pursuit R 3.2. The main complaint that I have seen by many customer is that the console measure everything in metric instead of English metrics. Even though the manual say that you can change this particular setting it seems to always go back metric. An easy way to solve this is to have a converter handy or find one online for free.

Product Summary

Overall for this very inexpensive recumbent bike the Weslo Pursuit R 3.2 is that it is a quality bike to buy. It does not have all of the bells and the whistle of the other expensive bikes but it does get the job done which is to help you reach your fitness goals.  So if this bike fits in your budget, ranging a little bit under $150, then you should really consider to buying the piece equipment so that you can work out comfortably in the privacy of your own  home.

This article was written by Mikey Davis, who is an experience fitness expert who has created Cardio Soundness to give in-depth reviews on new cardio equipment on the market today. Connect with Mikey on Google+

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